Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Things We Do...

...for our children...

for the sake of continuing the species...

for the love of someone we haven't even met yet!

We put up with swollen feet.

My left leg doesn't seem to end, does it? You can't see where leg ends and foot begins anymore.

Funny that...

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  1. EINAAAAAAA!!! Shame man - why are you swellingup soo much. I remember in the far distance of my childbearing years that a fellow sufferer with swollen feet was diagnosed as having a problem with Placenta Previa ...?

  2. Apparently Miss Piggy is just lying funny and it's the heat. And it's all due to circulation or something. I had this with The Frog as well. I'll look into the placenta previa though, they did say it was where it should be at the scans.


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