Wednesday, 1 December 2010

My Big Boy!

Ok, so...

I've reached the stage of pregnancy where my feet can't cope with my weight anymore.

Standing has become a problem.

It's sad, but.....
...I have a Jord!

Who is being increasingly relied upon for all kinds of things.
I started about two months ago - teaching him very vital skills.

Like making tea.

And washing the cutlery.

He often had to learn this under rather strong coercion. Poor boy...

But I love this kid's heart. 

Precious boy.

He deserves to be spoilt rotten.

But he won't be, cos that's not the way I roll. Sorry kid.

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  1. THIS is the making of a real man. Someone who can care for others, and has respect for others - THATS a real man. Well done Jord - today you're my hero!


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