Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Couch... Is... In!!!

Today my dad came and fixed the couch that had been sitting in my outside room - and on my get-things-DONE list.

He is convinced that it needed the attention of a professional...

What he doesn't realise is that I consider him a professional!

He did an awesome job on it, I couldn't have asked for more - and all this mere weeks after a shoulder operation.
Actually I'm quite concerned about any possible damage he might have done to his recovery - and told my mother that I would rather he not do it than hurt himself further.

I'm not sure he got the message though - he was getting frustrated with the drill and I was getting hormonally tearful so I escaped inside rather than subject him and everyone else to my tears.
Yes... it's one of those days.

The Froggy cheered me up.

Just by being so cute!

I was sitting in the lounge with my mother  when I overheard a little voice say:

I love you Grampa...
So precious!

This kid LOVES any kind of tools - hammer, nails, measuring tape, drills (we had to keep him away from those!) - anything you would find in a workshop.
 His new kindergarten has a workshop area with real tools for them to bang away with.

He loves it!

And his granny has bought his christmas present with this passion of his in mind.

She can't wait to see his face on saturday morning!



It's in - after a bit of careful manoeuvring.

Thanks dad...

And My Man and My friend Liana's husband, Martin - for getting it here.

And Liana for giving it to me.

Now it just needs a bit of a stain on that new piece and it's an awesome super-strong addition to my lounge.



  1. Oh YEAH!!! Please ask your dad to pop over for some bitties here that I could use a bit of Mr Fixit magic on!!
    How cool is it to be able to ask such a - YES - Professional man to do a job like this? WELL done Renettes' Dad!

  2. Shame Sal, apparently he went home and took some painkillers. That particular Mr Fixit overdid it for me today I think...


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