Thursday, 30 December 2010

Well, Whaddaya Know?

 Check it out!

 I can read a crochet pattern.

I just made this beanie for the Frog from the pattern here.

 Ok, so it's a newborn pattern, but I didn't have the size hook required.

I used the smallest one I had and figured The Frog might fit the result.

 Silly monkey - he tried to put it on himself!

And started dancing to P!nk..

Love your taste in music Frog!
 All in all, I'm quite impressed with that and I'm ready to try something else - just as soon as I finish one for The Jord...
Ok, enough P!nk now?

If you want to give this a go, check out Rachel's site.

She is very good at explaining it all.

And will reply to any queries you have.

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