Monday, 20 December 2010


Mild sense of panic setting in...

I finally got around to sorting out Miss Piggy's room and the mountains of clothes that have been given to her.

I wanted to get the smallest size washed and sorted, ready for when she decides to make her appearance.

Actually let me rephrase that - her presence is very apparent in my appearance at the moment, so I should rather say: for when she decides to present herself to the world...

Anyway, I sat and sorted on saturday, did a bit of a stocktake...

...and found we have a problem.

We still have mountains of clothes - but mostly 3 - 6 months and upwards.

All we have for the first three months of Miss Piggy's life are: 4 shortsleeved vests, 4 bodyvests, 1 babygrow/all-in-one and five oh-so-cute but not-so-practical outfits. And lots of socks.

Prayers are needed. We're praying The Man gets a bonus this year...

And that it will be enough to cover a car service (the car is now into it's third year without a service), a new cricket bat (because The Man is convinced his current, rather expensive one is cracking), a pram (with some kind of toddler seat/spot to stand on), a cot, a baby-sling (because I was dumb enough to give the REALLY nice Kango one that came over from SA with me to a drug dealer) and a chair to sit on when I feed in the middle of the night.

And now, of course, baby clothes.

Ooh, and while I think about it - the drug dealer also scored The Frog's sleep wedge, another thing that needs replacing!

Ok, now that I've actually written all of that down, the panic status has been changed from mild to intense.

Pray, people, pray!!!

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  1. Hmmm - maybe I can repurpose some of this huge pile of unwanted clothes into a baby sling - anyone have a babysling I can cut a pattern off of?

  2. And then my friend Donna rings to tell me not to STOP panicking! She has Newborn clothes for me and a sleep wedge. Hallelujah!

  3. If you are handy with the sewing machine I can probably find the sling my friend made - it's 3 metres of material and something else...But as a Saffer you could just use a blanket :D

  4. Hi...looks like God is answering your prayers right now! I'm praying for you too. If you look at my blog, go to the right hand side and under 'check these out' there is a link to 'see kate sew', this girl has a baby and does a lot of baby sewing and repurposing for her baby. She will give you lots of great ideas...maybe some of those bigger clothes can be made smaller...let me know how you go!

  5. I wish! I tried that with both the boys and was constantly terrified the knots weren't strong enough! I had maids that wandered around with my boys strapped to their backs, and it was the way they watched over us as babies as well...
    Funny, I'd forgotten that part of the native african child-rearing culture.

  6. Hee hee - drug-dealers dealing in used slings --- its strange lot of people you have in that thar place....


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