Tuesday, 14 December 2010

What Renette Did Next...

Oi Vey!

My life has been busy lately!

As evidenced by the presence of the sewing machine in the playroom (although there is no explanation for the presence of the ironing board in my lounge, an inexplicable nesting mystery that!)

At the moment there isn't much happening here - I seem to own only one bobbin, which is full of dark green thread, which won't go with the rest of my list of projects....

Roll on payday...

I have been inspired by Julie Khundi and her philosophy of repurposing.

Meaning finding new uses for old stuff that no one wants.

The Clothes Swap Party leftovers have been giving me ideas, but I suppose I really need to figure a neater way of storing all the junk potential masterpieces!
And then there is Miss Piggy's room, which is a mess, another thing on my list of things to do:

...figure out how much of each size I now have and whether I need more...

...find a cot at some point within the next few months, Miss Piggy will be out of the bassinet (probably with The Jord and/or The Frog's 'help') only too soon!

Find a feeding chair for the baby's room, with a side table....

The list could go on and on, but I'm endeavoring to keep it as simple as possible!
My friend Liana gave me this GORGEOUS couch.

No, I don't know why, but it's so cool I'm not going to question her motives too closely!

It has magazine racks on the side and the armrests open up to store all the remotes.

The Man collects them.
The problem is that it needs a bit of TLC.

On saturday The Man thought I was punishing him by using the hammer just outside the window, removing the supports (which were clearly not working) in order to assess the damage - at 7:30am.

I wasn't. I just want my couch in my lounge.

(And the ironing board out!)

The garden is growing.

Really quickly!

I didn't realise how fast runner beans grew.

That flat is for my mother. I've run out of space!

In fact I had to create a new bed last week (actually it was more a desperate attempt at distracting myself from the stress caused by Immigration NZ making a decision about our work permits and not telling us over the phone... so I double dug a new bed)
just to hold all the seeds that actually germinated for me.

The beans are planted at the back of that bed with an old pallet looming over them. I intend to fashion it into a frame for them to climb.

To Do:


But the pumpkins are doing well, the peas are doing better in their new spot (NOT full sun apparently) and some more beans to climb up the windbreak/fence thingy.
The Cauliflowers are still alive, although I caught a white butterfly sniffing around them and I suspect it might be one of those ones that lays eggs into plants that hatch maggots that eat them before you can harvest them.

I may have to wage war on them in the same way I waged war on the snails...
The cabbages are also still alive. And growing bigger than I thought they would.

I'm hoping I planted them with enough space!


Going strong...

All thanks to Treena's cow tea...

So forgive me if I'm not posting my usual 3-6 posts a day.

I have a few projects to finish!


  1. The cabbage moths (white) lay eggs which turn into green caterpillars. These will chew all the leaves to bits. You can either squash them by hand or give the cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli etc a coating of 'Cabbage Dust' regularly. It is available at any nursery. The caterpillars hide right in the centre of the leaves during the day...they are really crafty...and are well camouflaged too. All the best with your repurposing and gardening.

  2. Cool moves oh literally Great One!! I do more procrastination than actual activity, so I am in awe of you!
    So what did Immigration have to say that got you all of a flutter??? Good news I hope!

  3. Oh! They had made a decision on our work permits - one that we have been waiting two and a half months to hear - and the day before the passports arrive back I got an email saying our status had changed. So, after two and a half months of that 'peace that passes all understanding' I panic. And they wouldn't tell us what was going on that day! Anyway, at 7:30 the next morning the passports arrived and we are staying for another two years... Hallelujah!!!


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