Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Preggie Photo Comparisons.

 I was flicking through old photos because my parent's computer crashed and they lost all of theirs.

Which meant I had to break out the archives to see if there was any of their digital collection that could be replaced.

I found a whole folder of photos that I had uploaded to facebook of when I was pregnant with The Frog.

Some of them were taken a bit creatively - this was me taking a photo of myself in the mirror...

Wasn't The Jord such a cutie at the age of almost-five?
This was taken 3 days before The Frog made his entrance to the world.

I wasn't that huge.


Of course I thought I was at the time!
 This time though...

6 weeks to go and I have bypassed all previous records in the weight department and my extremities are rebelling!

My feet do not love me at the moment!
Thank goodness this is all temporary and that in a few months I'll look and feel much better about myself.

My feet might actually be able to support my weight at that stage!

Thanks to The Jord for taking these photos.

And please 'scuse the dirty knees - I've spent the morning staking tomatoes and runner beans...
and planting out more tomatoes and yellow capsicum.

And moaning at the devastation the cabbage moths have wrought on my cabbages...


  1. Hmmmm - definitely not watermelon smuggling...
    Ahaa!!! Giant Pumpkin smuggling!!! Gotcha!
    Agh shame chookie - you lok very uncomfortable! It'll soon be over and your own sweet girl in your arms :)

  2. Holding onto that thought Sal, clinging to it desperately!


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