Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Holiday Season Driving...

Ok, so here it is...

YET ANOTHER reason I am so grateful that our work permits were renewed for another two years.

The comparison between the road death tolls of South Africa and New Zealand...

I was reading an article here. When one sentence caught my eye:

Her death took the holiday road toll to three.
Huh? Say that again? Three???
In New Zealand?

So, out of interest I googled the toll for South Africa and found this article, published two hours ago, so pretty much up to date: It says...
More than 900 people died from fatal crashes between December 1 and 27.

But even more chilling is this quote, from the same article:
Two minibus taxis crashed on the highway in KwaZulu-Natal last Thursday, killing 20 passengers including a child, and leaving 18 others injured.
Read that again.

38 people involved in an accident between two vehicles with a maximum capacity load each of about 12...
I can't imagine anyone trying that here - where you do not turn the car on without making sure everyone is buckled in... As a matter of course!

South African roads are shocking - particularly during the holiday season. I'm glad I don't have to travel them...


  1. The numbers in Australia are pretty good too, compared to South Africa...there are always those who complain about the law, but obviously the road rules make a difference!

  2. It makes my heart ache to see those numbers pile up in the carnage on our SA roads. Irresponsibility and law-dodging, no respect for life or property... So why do I feel its good to be here?
    I have no idea. And its my choice, not to be inflicted on anyone else, so I'm not preaching.
    Maybe wandering around the world as a child makes me grasp onto SA as home... I don't know.
    But I long for the day when SA can join Australia or New Zealand in their admirable road and personal safety record.
    Well done guys - you're an inspiration:)

  3. I think it has alot to do with the public in each nation's perception of the law and their respect for it. There is very little respect for the law in SA, whereas here people want to follow the rules.
    I used to think there was a greater sense of morality in this country than in SA, but there isn't. Their sense of responsibility is higher and not linked to any kind of moral standard. On the other hand, in SA there are more people who adhere to a moral standard based on a belief system, but they are more willing to break the rules... I was one - the one and only speeding fine I ever got was on the way to church!
    But the fact remains and the numbers don't lie - it is safer to drive here.

  4. An emailed note from my ex-boss/friend/landlady/babysitter-for-The Jord Julie:
    There was one taxi that was stopped for overloading going on a school outing with pre-schoolers and teachers. There were 106 people in the taxi – built for 30 including the driver! There were kids on the floor and sitting on top of each other. And these were teachers! You’d think they would know better, but then, this is South Africa!


    Latest road death stats since December 1st in South Africa now exceed 1100!

    Horrifying... by kiwi standards that is...


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