Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Crafter's Shame!

Every crafter has unfinished stuff lurking in out-of-sight places, bits and pieces of once-grand plans....

I am such a crafter.

And this project has been a year and a half in the making.

I actually hid it a room just off our garage and rediscovered it the other day.
It is now done.

And off my conscience.


All it is, is a rag-style crocheted bath mat.

Finally we can stand on something other than folded up towels!

And yes, the top is uneven and the stitches become denser halfway through. A certain almost 3-year-old lost the hook I was using and I had to go down a size...
Yes! Crafting with kids is fun.....


  1. What is it made out of? I used to have draws full of half made things...this time around I don't buy many craft supplies..only what I plan to do next (with the exception of a bit more fabric 'cos I have to buy 5 metres from the USA to make it feasible!).This is actually working out well and I feel a lot less guilty.

  2. Ah... There is this awesome Trademe seller that often sells entire bolts of fabric at $1 reserve. I bought that dark green polycotton (21m for about $27) from them and have been slowly using it up on various projects around the house. It's become cushion covers for my couch, a blackout curtain for the boy's room, I tore it into strips for that bath mat, made shorts for The Jord (his school house colour is green) and I have plans to make 'fitted sheet-style' covers for the new couch. It was a very good buy! I keep an eye on them for more great deals. They mostly deal in upholstery or curtaining fabric, but occasionally have something usable for more general projects.


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