Friday, 14 January 2011

Guess What My Kids Are Doing...

So, The Jord is so anxious to meet his little sister, he's pumping up the birth pool himself!

You wouldn't believe how long this takes!

And considering The Jord's birth took 4 hours and The Frog's only 3 hours, we figured it's probably good to, not only do a trial run, but to pump the thing up and leave it up!

It's quite a job.

I know, because the poor kid isn't the only one doing this...

 ...The Frog decided to have a go too!

And so did I, spell them both when I wasn't taking photos!

 And if you haven't figured it out yet - yes, we are planning a homebirth.

I say planning because we all know the best laid plans can change, we may end up at the hospital...

I might just decide, once it all starts: 'Stick this' and start packing a hospital bag...

We might hit a bumpy patch during - instead of the relatively uneventful labour I had with both boys and clearly am expecting with Miss Piggy.

Anyway, I've decided that as long as I get to do it in water, and I don't have to spend days in hospital, I'll be flexible.
I do think they should get out of that pool now though...

They seem to think the cute motifs on the pool's sides mean that it's a toy.

Haha... I wish this was all child's play, but after two completely drug-free, natural births I know all too well that it's NOT!

All prayers, good wishes and positive thoughts sent my way are appreciated!


  1. Awesome - wishing you a wonderful easy birth! I love hearing about homebirths, so wish I could have had one of my own!

  2. Thank you! I'm sure it's going to be fine - both boys were relatively easy (or as easy as labour can get really!) I'll post a tasteful birth story when its all done.
    No gory details or photos I promise!


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