Saturday, 29 January 2011

A New Weekend Tradition?

We seem to have developed a new weekend tradition - making Sushi.

It's quick, cheap, easy and healthy.
And The Man and I love it.

Miss Piggy seems to as well.

At least. the Wasabi doesn't seem to affect her!

I think it's only going to last while Avocado Pear is in season though.

 Wasabi goes really well with Avocado Pear!
The Man seems to think I'm the only one who can do the rolling.

I think he could probably roll these things better than I can, but we seem to have fallen into the habit - I roll... he slices...

...and does presentation...

...and sorts the garnish.

We have to have the pickled ginger - it just doesn't work quite as well without it!

The kids are slowly acquiring a taste for it. (Emphasis on slowly)

Despite the thumbs up in the bottom picture, the minute Jord heard the dark stuff was seaweed he unwrapped his portion and ate the filling with a fork!

You should have seen the reactions the kids gave us when they tasted Wasabi Sauce for the first time...

The Frog stuck his tongue out of his mouth to cool it off!

The Jord went and poured them both a glass of milk to sooth the sting...


we are mean parents...

In other news, please send positive thoughts and prayers towards my children.
Miss Piggy's impending arrival has them feeling rather insecure.

And the fact that their mum isn't her normal rough-and-tumble self has them questioning their place in the world.

Patience isn't a virtue I possess in abundance at the moment and the fact that these precious boys don't even have school to escape to during the day... well! Let's just say that 7 week school holidays and end-of-pregnancy niggles don't go well together!

Thank goodness school starts this week! Sighs of relief all round!


  1. I love sushi but have never tried making my own... you guys are awesome.

    Yay for school starting - and praying your kids feel settled and excited about the new arrival.

  2. I will say just "hello" to you.You have a very beautiful blog and I will come back.Good luck for your pregnancy.

    Greetings from Steffi

  3. Go for a run demmit! Get that Baby Lamb out where she needs to be! Eating Sushi with Mum and Dad! She's going to be a beauty!

  4. Thanks ladies - wishing for Raspberry Leaf tablets right about now!


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