Sunday, 9 January 2011


 The boys' latest passion!

The Man and The Jord seem to have developed this urge to play game after game of Uno!

And, although it's taken a few games for him to get the hang of it, The Jord has now beaten The Man twice in a row!

Of course, neither of them can shuffle cards. Or they can, but they prefer my method - they seem to think that it's more fair if I do it.

The competition is fierce with two formidable male egos at stake!

It's actually keeping me entertained!


  1. Uno was the social lubricant of choice when I was in Uni. A Spur plate of chips, 6 coffees and the six res-rats!

    It's a great life skill!

  2. And that sounds like a typical PMB varsity student social gathering! We did that too ;) Our social circle from way back when seems to have graduated from Uno to Cranium or Settlers of Catan. Have you tried those? They're my current favourite games to play!

  3. I love UNO! I gave it as a Christmas gift to one of my cousins this Christmas and it was so much fun playing it. It really is a game for all ages. :-)

  4. @Ropcorn - it's become an obsession, anyone who walks in the door gets a fast-tracked education by The Jord and then are forced to play game after game of Uno, in which he keeps changing the rules... It's quite entertaining! @LatteJunkie - I was just thinking I really miss Spur! Our one visit to Cobb & Co was such a disappointing experience we now satisfy our steak cravings at home... Have you found anywhere that measures up?

  5. Just tell us who's been winning! There is a lot of competitiveness in my household when it comes to winning games. In fact, some even go as far as saying, 'I'm not going to sleep until I've won a hand (or two)'!

  6. Hi Merrymakes! The smaller one has been winning, but you have to watch him! He has no qualms about changing the rules mid game and duping Uno Newbies! I'm loving the way it's teaching him strategy though. A concept he hasn't quite gotten until now. It's fascinating to see how his mind works and realise the kid is learning to think strategically.


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