Friday, 28 January 2011

Things I'm Loving!

PaisleyJade is doing a Things I'm Loving link-type thingie on her blog.
I'm not sure how the whole thing works but, I figure, instead of sitting here and complaining about pregnancy niggles, it's probably a good idea to count my blessings.

Or at least a few of them anyway - if I listed them all, we'd probably be here all day!

Grannies who abduct their grandsons and take them to the movies to watch Yogi Bear...

You can bet I'm loving that!

The Rain

Mostly because it means I don't have to water my veggie garden, and that the veggies are getting better nutrients than they would be getting from the tap!

But also because it signifies blessing (maybe not in Queensland though...) and we are very shortly about to be very blessed as a family!

A Saviour who understands our needs and has made provision for them before we even ask.

Today The Man and I made a list of needs to pray for. You know, those things that normally just don't fit into your weekly/monthly budget. We've made this list and we're praying, and I know that God will provide all of it - some of it miraculously. He's done so many many times before.

And I'm thankful to PaisleyJade for reminding me to be thankful.
Life doesn't suck as much as I like to make out.



  1. You rock!!! Loving your list - and must do a list with my husband of things we would like but can't afford at the moment.

    When are you due - we are hoping to organise a bloggers get together for Whangarei soon!

  2. There are more of us???
    Would love to meet more bloggers!

    Due on sunday ;)

  3. There are!!! At least 5 or so! Email me sometime. xoxo

    And wow - excited about your new arrival!!

  4. All the best with your new arrival :) Visiting from Paisley Jade

  5. @PaisleyJade: I feel like my life is in limbo at the moment waiting for Miss Piggy - will email you once she has finally made her appearance so we can organise a get together.
    @Sarah - Nice to meet you!


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