Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Brown Paper Packages...

I have a friend in the States that I've never met.

I think we all have at least one of those.

She and I met on Karen Kingsbury's facebook fan page - we noticed each other's comments because we have the same unusual first name - Renette.

I think Renette's love language must be gifts, like mine...

...because she sends me beautiful packages - one of my favourite things!

This one had some gorgeous boxes in it - I'm so excited about these because this is what my side table next to my couch looks like...

I can organise!
She also sent me one of just about every size crochet hook you can get!


Plus some really fine, colourful yarn so I can attempt making lace.

I'm really looking forward to that!
Some reading material - Karen Kingsbury's Unlocked.

I thought it would be months before I got the chance to read this, I don't think the library even has a copy yet!

I'm saving it for those long, lonely feed times...

And such useful and relevant-to-my-current-needs patterns too!

 She sent SO MUCH stuff for Miss Piggy - aren't those little shoes adorable!

And hair accessories that I can make up myself, satisfying my current obsession with creating things.
 Don't you just love the cuteness???

 The boys were also spoilt little rats!

Renette sent them shoes (which The Frog won't take off!) and activities for the holidays.

My kids are beyond bored!

Stuff for skinned knees!

I've been battling lately because the heat and humidity has not been very good for scab formation.

(Sorry if that was a bit too ewww.....)

Both boys have had issues with skinned knees getting all mucky and septic.

Thanks Renette!!!
And have you ever seen these?
The kids are fascinated!
They fight over it...

It's a connection point that you screw two plastic bottles together with.

And with a bit of coloured water and some glitter you can create your own whirlpool.

Or tornado, as the kids keep calling it!
I think it's very clever...

...and scientific...

...and educational!

Of course, Miss Piggy is sucking all signs of intelligence from me and I'm unable to actually explain the physics of it all, but it's really fun to look at!
This is a balance bird.

Somehow it's weight is distributed in such a way that, you can balance the entire thing on it's beak.
The Frog doesn't quite get it.

He's just pretending it can fly!
But The Jord figured it out quite quickly!

As a result of this 'brown paper package' we were running late for my lift to my midwife appointment this monring!

I couldn't tear the boys away from the box of goodies and get them dressed and fed!

Miss Piggy is currently fully engaged, but facing my right, not my back like she should be doing.

Oh well, she'll get there...


  1. Oh I love parcels too! American kids clothes are so much nicer than the ones we get here!

    If you like coffee ask for some Coffee Creamer next time a parcel is sent (it's heaven in a cup :D)

    I got a parcel today too, it was blue and had some lovely little things in it from my in laws for my B-day and only a pair of pants for Monkey - so rare that he only gets one thing :)

    I hope Miss Piggy comes soon. You must be over the waiting in this heat.

    Labour dust being flung your way


  2. I miss the kids clothes shops in SA - remember Ackermans? They were the best value!
    I found coffee creamer in Pak n Save the other day in the international section - mmmmmmm!
    Happy birthday!
    And labour dust gratefully received!

    Hope you're having a fab week!

  3. I loved seeing your (almost) endless array of glad those boys aren't bored any more! Miss Piggy will be the best dressed little girl in town too. I can't wait to see her so you'd better breathe in some of that magic 'Labour Dust' immediately...or just as soon as you're ready!!

  4. Oh Carol... I'm ready! Went for a 2km brisk walk on sunday evening because we thought it all might be starting, but it was just really strong practice ones. :-(
    She can't come any time during the day tomorrow, hubby is out on a far away delivery route, she isn't allowed to come any time on friday as it's The Frog's birthday - not hers! This weekend is my midwife's weekend off - and she is off on monday and tuesday too so I would get my back up midwife. Who is a perfectly nice lady, I'd just like to have the one I know...
    So she actually isn't allowed to come until wednesday next week - unless she comes tomorrow night.

    I have it all planned out well don't I? ;-)

  5. I have innumerable Karen Kingsbury books on my shelves... just bought 'Between Sundays' the other day, and have managed to finish it! Have you read Neta Jackson or Francine Rivers - fantastic authors!

  6. Hi Elizabeth!
    Francine Rivers is one of my favourite christian authors - I remember crying all the way through The Atonement Child and The Scarlet Thread. I think I've read pretty much everything she's written as a christian author.
    As for Neta Jackson I haven't read much of her stuff, mostly because I can't find it and, believe me, I've looked! I may have to check the library's collection and put myself on the waiting list!


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