Tuesday, 18 January 2011



It's a good thing this is almost over because this has got to be the ugliest thing I've ever seen!

I don't have pretty looking feet on a good day, but this?

I do not possess ankles anymore.

And it's ugly!

And I've barely been on my feet today, I've been crocheting...

Now I understand that this is only temporary.

And I understand that there are women out there who will do anything for the privilege of having cankles caused by pregnancy...

But I'm over it now.

What needs to happen Miss Piggy? Do I need to explode before you have mercy on my self image and self esteem???

This is your official eviction notice!


  1. I so remember that time... you have my sympathy, my little darling did the same to me in the weeks leading up to her birth!

  2. It's absolutely shocking what we go through for our kids isn't it?
    I guess thats why we love them so much!

  3. OWEEEEEE!!! Shame man! That lot should subside soon... So - you're having a daughter - and hopefully two ankles as well?

  4. Hiya Sal! It's all good, I've given up complaining.
    I'm tired and very much over it! The last stretch feels like the end of an endurance race.
    You know you'll get there - you just have to keep plodding on!


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