Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Miss Piggy's Mobile

One of my brilliant plans to keep kids occupied these holidays was to get the boys to make their sister a mobile.

I gave them all the materials...
...and let them loose.

 Even The Frog did one of the mobile strands - it was great fun stringing the glass beads onto the thread...

...until he pricked his finger and ran to me squealing that he was very sad!

And that was it for him.

But The Jord and I finished it off...

...and I hung the end result this morning.

It works in a crafty kind of way.


  1. OH!! I LOVE it! How wonderful - Really really I love it - and you must be so proud of them!! Well done guys!! MMMMwoah!

  2. I wonder who had more fun doing it though - them or me!!!


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