Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sushi Romance!

It just doesn't get any better than this!

On saturday The man treated me to sushi from a place near his work.

It was awesome!


Incredibly expensive....
I examined it all closely and realised that the ingredients weren't all that complicated and that there was absolutely no reason why it couldn't be made at home...

So we started off with the rice - you have to use sushi rice.
Seriously - it has to be ultra-sticky! And there is a vinegar mix that you add to it - also quite vital to the overall taste experience.

Follow the directions on the packet meticulously!
You also need to slice up your filling - we chose cucumber, red pepper (capsicum) and avocado. We went for chicken as a meat filling... yummo!

Have it all ready.

Then, get your papery seaweed stuff (called Yaki Nori on the packet), line it up on the bamboo mat (yes, we went and bought all the stuff to make it - possibly not the best month for such a financial foodie outlay, but I needed - needed - more!).

And please, don't do it like I did - line it up!
Layer about a cm of the ultra-sticky rice on the mat, add lines of the filling ingredients and roll it up.

Here's a tip - an important one! That rice is sticky so wet your hands before you work with it.

Look closely - that's why you have to line the seaweed stuff up properly - if you don't, the roll (I think it's also called a California Roll?) will be seriously mucked up.

Trust me.
Wet the opposite end of the seaweed stuff to make it stick....
And firmly squish it all with the opposite end of the bamboo mat.
Ta Dah!!!

Lookin' gooooooood!

The Man then sliced the rolls up for us....

...very important!

Wasabi Sauce...

Pickled Ginger...

and Soy Sauce!

And don't get yourself stressed about how hot the Wasabi is, all it is really is is Horseradish Sauce.

Just green.

It's probably good for blocked sinuses.
That was our dinner!

Why was it romantic?

Well, my mother had taken the boys because Miss Piggy was making herself known in rather uncomfortable ways.

After making this we had it as a picnic on the lounge floor.

And then we went for a long walk to try and coax Miss Piggy out.

It didn't work... She's still in there.

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