Friday, 21 January 2011

The Frog Turns Three!

And so The Frog turns three...

No longer my baby!

I'm very blessed to have had so much help with this birthday party.

All the cake and cupcakes, except for this one, were made by my friend Lynne yesterday...

This one was bought by my mom and iced by 
me... lazy huh?
Here are some photos to commemorate the day.   

Many many thanks to Lynne for all the work she put into this party and for getting us the McD's party room - clever you!
And to my mom for all the stuff for the goodie bags.

And huge apologies to all the moms who had to deal with the day-long sugar highs.

You aren't alone...


  1. Happpppppy Birthday big boy! All over again! Great timing Renette - as they get older it'll be a constant battle as to who will have a birthday and who will have a birthday PARTY... siiigh...

  2. Well, it was a toss up yesterday - I couldn't figure out whether I wanted Miss Piggy to arrive or not. On the one hand, I wasn't sure whether I really wanted my kids sharing a birthday - and on the other I'm so sick of being so uncomfortably pregnant, I couldn't care less as long as she gets the heck out!

    I had a plan - they could pick a weekend each to have their birthdays on, once they had gotten past the age where combined parties are cool - and take turns each year who gets to pick first.

    Or whatever.

    Anyway, Miss Piggy is obviously quite comfortable where she is, thank you very much, and so it isn't that much of a problem!


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