Friday, 21 January 2011

Ready and Rarin' to go!!

All set and ready for Miss Piggy to make her appearance...

Yesterday, I was inspired by a random blogpost by some other extremely clever and crafty lady  I've just spent a significant amount of time trying to find the actual post, but I can't.


But it was for a cloth bag/bin like the one above.
I'm quite proud of it!
There it sits - next to the wonky rocking chair.

Something grinds on it everytime I try to rock in it, no matter what I tighten.

I think it's going to take The Man looking at it to make it happy again.

Come on Miss Piggy.

We're ready for you!
You have a carseat waiting so we can show you the world and show you off to the world...

With another one of my bright ideas - the carseat blanket and matching cap.

So come on, kid!

In other news, my longtime friend whom I've known since I was 12 delivered her third precious gift from God yesterday.

Congrats Mel and Brandon! I can't wait to see her...


  1. Wow - so this is it eh? Never again just a mother of two boys, now its the whole show. To you the responsibility of checking the boys and teaching them to love and nurture while Piet teaches them the manly things. And to you the responsibility of teaching your daughter to never be a doormat and to think her own thoughts while Piet teaches her that not all men are bastards, but that any who are, Daddeh will DEAL with...


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