Friday, 7 January 2011

Hands Up if You're Bored!

The kiwi summer school holidays are 7 weeks long...

And The Jord is Bored - with a capital B!

Normally, I'm much more mobile than I am at the moment. We walk all over the place - but I currently am the not-so-stoked owner of a pair of well-developed cankles - a combination of calves and ankles that are so swollen there is no discernable difference between the two!

Our favourite places to go are any of the parks dotted all over the landscape, the library and McDonalds - cheap ice cream and a good play area...
But it's not happening these holidays.

So far The Jord's school holidays have consisted of doing all the chores that mom would otherwise have to bend over to do and just generally being my legs!

Not much fun for an 8-year-old on a long summer break!

So when my mother brought a tapestry kit, some wool scraps and knitting needles, the kid jumped at the chance to something other than housework or running after his brother...

All sympathy for my child is appreciated!

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