Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Chilling at the Cricket: Part One - My Photos...

 My blog stats tell me that I have a few readers in Pakistan.

If that IS actually true, these are for you.

Maybe you'll recognise some of your cricketing heroes here.

Your cricket team was recently in my hometown playing against the New Zealand XI and I got to spend a very pleasant few hours on the side of the field.
I couldn't tell you who was bowling beyond the fact that he belongs to the Pakistanis.

Or who was batting besides the fact that he was more than likely a kiwi...


The Jord and The Frog were, surprisingly, not bored.

They both seemed to have come down with some kind of bug over the last 36 hours and it's a mystery to me as to what has caused it.

Here The Jord was escorting The Frog to the toilet. I love my 'Helper Jord' - that big age gap came in very handy!

And for my SA friends - don't worry, the toilets were about 20m away. I could see them most of the time. Except for the time they actually spent in the loo - hold on... I hope there isn't a connection with the mystery bug there!

Back to the Pakistanis.

This photo and the following photo are of the same delivery.
Do you know - I once tried to actually bowl a ball properly to The Jord...

...and managed to pull every muscle in my shoulder and upper arm!

Not doing that again!
Here they come back.

Just thinking about how you cannot let your children out of your sight in SA - I don't think we could live there now.

There is an internal danger radar built into every South African that I think The Man and I have lost in the last two and a half years...

That underlying sense of paranoia that any South African earning above the poverty line lives with on a daily basis...

You know what I'm talking about?


You have to be a South African.  Who has emigrated...
I wish I had a lens like this guy's!

Very obviously a pro!
Pakistani huddle after taking a wicket.

It was a gorgeous day!

Anyway, next post will be The Man's photos.

Prepare yourselves for a shock!


    Cricket piccies Piet! Renette, remember how difficult it was to find decent ones for the Physical Sciences book those years ago - weeeell, now we know!!....
    Nice one Piet - you totally validated the ticket!!

  2. Haha, it was a free entry game :) We got to see world class cricket for the cost of a quick picnic!
    And because we were sitting directly under the scoreboard we could keep up with all the behind the scenes stuff by listening in on the gossip... Actually, through The Man's club cricket connections (he belongs to the club whose grounds they played at) we heard all the locker room gossip. It was tons of fun!


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