Monday, 17 January 2011

Ready.... Set....

It's up!
And my children are wishing they could fill it and swim!

Nope! It's not mine and it's not a toy...

Serious stuff will be happening in here soon!

It is currently sitting in my outside room, along with all it's accompanying paraphernalia - hoses, air pump, liner, linen, etc etc...
I even have stuff in my fridge awaiting D-Day.
And to show you how big this thing actually is - I sat in it.

The fact that I fit into anything at all at this stage is a miracle in itself, but I could probably float in this thing!

'Scuse the untidy room...

It takes up most of the lounge.

And that is enough photos of me for a while.

I recently commented on Facebook that, while some women glow with a supernatural radiance while pregnant (i.e. my Dr's wife! I'm SO jealous!)...

...I'm not one of them - no matter how much you appreciate the wonder and joy of bringing new life into the world, I look like a dog that has lost condition.

So, we'll take (tasteful!) photos of the happy event, but it may be a while before I have the confidence to actually allow anyone to see them...

Oh well, at least The Man still loves me! That's all that matters I suppose...

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  1. I never had any of mine in the lounge room...have you? I wish you all the best blessings in the world for this glad you're prepared now!

  2. "I look like a dog that has lost condition"

    Hee hee! Cracked me up...

    Hope it all goes to plan and look forward to the photos of your new daughter :)

  3. So exciting!!! How long to go?

  4. About a week and a half... Due 30 Jan :)

  5. Sorry! I lose track of the comments now that I'm moderating them!
    @Carol - no, this is my first homebirth, and I think the lounge is probably the only room big enough to accommodate the pool with the added benefit of being near enough toa water source... AT least if it's prolonged and I need music I'll have a good sound system!
    @Fi - Check the Cankles post... And you'll understand! I'm very much over all of the late-stage preggie niggles. I also can't wait!


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